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Google Stadia shutting down in 2023

Google is shutting down its game streaming service, Stadia, effective January 2023.

It has been nearly three years since Google launched its game streaming service Stadia. As of 29 September 2022 Google made an announcement on its official blog that the service will be ending as of January 2023.

The main reason highlighted by the General Manager of Stadia is that the platform has missed on all user targets since its launch. Stadia has also missed to gain traction in the last three years.

It hasn’t gained the traction with users that we expected

Phil Harrison – Google

Customers of Stadia will be interested to learn that all purchases, including hardware purchased through the Google Store and all games and add-ons purchased through the Stadia Store, will be fully refunded.

In addition, Google will not reimburse subscribers’ fees for Stadia Pro. However, if you were a current Stadia Pro subscriber at the time of today’s announcement, you’ll be able to take advantage of the service’s advantages for free until the actual shutdown date.

Existing Stadia subscribers will be able to play games until January 18, 2023, and the refunding procedure is expected to wrap up by mid-January. As expected, all pre-orders for current Stadia games have been cancelled and won’t be charged to your account.

How has this affected you? are you a Stadia subscriber?

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